Our Purpose

Our homes and us are constantly under attack from a trillion invisible germs.  Germs like bacteria, virus, fungi which cling to any available surface and not visible to the naked eye.  They await an opportunity to attack us and our loved ones.  And we believe we are safe as we cannot see them!

An invisible enemy is the most dangerous. It can creep up from anywhere.  It can attack anytime.  It can inflict great damage as we are seeing with the current pandemic.  Germs mutate constantly which makes them unpredictable and difficult to combat.

We feel invincible with a sanitizer or disinfectant in our hands.  But the truth is most sanitizers and disinfectants are effective for a few minutes and then the surface gets infected again. These invisible illness causing germs can remain active for a long periods of time causing us physical harm and mental anguish.

The need of the hour is a vigilant guardian angel who ensures that our family and loved ones are safe and sound.

At SAFE&SOUND™ we believe that we need to leverage cutting edge science and develop unique products that are far more effective at combating these invisible germs and protecting our families. Using the revolutionary Nano Silver technology we bring to you a range of unique products, made in India that can offer protection from 99.9% illness causing germs upto 30 days.

As a team we are :

• Intuitive – always on the lookout for developing intelligent solutions that meet real consumer needs

• Disruptive – leveraging new technologies and science that have not been brought to the market

• Resilient – enjoy being under pressure and the products  we develop work longer

• Optimistic – exude hope, positivity and our products help bring a cheer to communities around us

The one thing that binds all of us is that we should develop real products that help our consumers feel safe and sleep sound. Our aim is to be the Z security for your family and loved ones.


Our Technology

SAFE&SOUND™ 30 Day Surface Protector is a unique, first of its kind surface protector that has been developed using the Nano Silver Technology. It is made from a potent combination of Nano Silver and non migratory cationic preservative, dispersed in a polymer binder that forms a thin film coating once applied to different surfaces. The thin film coating has low surface energy value, behaves as an omniphobic surface and is extremely effective in inactivation of enveloped RNA and bacterial DNA genome. It is easy to use and has no cytotoxicity. So be reassured that the 30 Day Surface Protector is there to protect your surfaces from 99.9% illness causing germs. 

SAFE&SOUND™ 8 Hrs Anti-Fog Glass Cleaner is a great solution to ensure no fogging on glasses. It is an innovative hydrophilic solution empowered with Silicone Sponges that ensures the glass surface does not fog up. It is made of a unique cocktail of silicon and titanium based compounds that helps improve the surface attraction of the glass surface and prevents water molecules binding together.


Our Team

harpreet photo (1)

Founder & MD

Harpreet Singh Tibb has more than 20 years of experience in the FMCG world, having worked with MNC’s like Hindustan Unilever Limited and Kelloggs. He has worked across different categories and brands like Lifebuoy, Dove, Brooke Bond, Kissan, Knorr, Kelloggs. He believes in “Doing well by doing good”, is married to Kamal and has a daughter Myeisha.

Co-Founder & COO

Uttam Arjun has more than 12+ years of FMCG experience. He has worked with companies like Hindustan Unilever Limited, Godrej & SCA Hygiene Products and was instrumental in launching Personal Hygiene brand Tempo Tissues & Hand Sanitizer in 2013 in India. His last stint was with one of fastest-growing healthy breakfast brand – True Elements where he was Heading Marketing and eCom Business and played a key role in growing the business 3X in 14 months. He is married to Shilpa and has a daughter Shanaya.

Brand Consultant

Rajan Krishnan has over 30 years of work experience and has worked with India’s premier advertising agencies like Lintas, JWT and Ogilvy (President, Strategic Planning on Unilever’s brands). He is the founding partner of The Philosopher’s Stone a consulting firm which specializes in understanding people and decoding culture. He is married to Rekha, a music teacher.