8 Hrs. Anti Fog Glass Cleaner

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  • SAFE&SOUND™ Anti-Fog Glass Cleaner Spray is easy to use and effective for up to 8 hours.
  • Empowered with Silicone Sponges, Anti-fog glass cleaner is effective especially for spectacles, Face Shields, Car windshield, Bike helmet, etc.
  • Also effective for Car windshield which fog during Winters.
  • The performance will vary depending on the type of coating on the glass. Not recommended for glasses with a hydrophobic coating.
  1. Our glasses normally fog up when we go from a cold environment to a hot environment, e.g. stepping out from an air-conditioned car, coming out of an air-conditioned environment or during winters when we step out into the cold. During this current pandemic we all are practicing safe habits such as wearing masks at all times and maintaining a safe distance. However people with spectacles or glasses are having a daily challenge when they have to wear masks the entire day. Their glasses are fogging up due to the upward movement of the air they exhale that condenses on the glass lens. This makes it very difficult for people to see clearly while wearing masks when they are at work outside the home. This is affecting their productivity and also becoming a safety hazard for them.

Introducing a revolutionary Silicone Sponges empowered Anti Fog Glass Cleaner which can be easily applied to a range of glass surfaces especially the glasses/spectacles you wear every day. The Anti Fog solution once applied/sprayed onto a glass surface forms a hydrophilic coating that helps prevent fogging and ensures clear vision at all times even when you are wearing the mask. So go ahead and spray the solution on a daily basis on your glass surface.
SAFE&SOUND™ ensures that you and your loved ones feel safe and sleep sound.
Disclaimer:Results may vary depending on type of coating used on different spectacles or glasses.

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10 reviews for 8 Hrs. Anti Fog Glass Cleaner

  1. Neeta Singh

    Indeed offers Fog-free Vision !

  2. Amol Tambe

    I am using SafenSound’s Anti Fog regularly. It give’s clean & clear vision.

  3. Shrey Bahal

    Works as intended. Super happy with the product.

  4. Omkar Rege (verified owner)

    It really is fog-free and awesome. Very happy with the product.

  5. Sandesh Patil

    Very useful for helmet while riding on bike.

  6. Bade Jay Shantaram

    One Product many usage. Great product I can use for specs, bike helmet, car mirrors and windshield.

  7. Param Parag Patil

    Its very good because of the mask I was not able to wear specs. But now I am happy 😊

  8. Ashok Verma

    Good and effective

  9. Veena

    Good product in this price range

  10. Deepak Sharma

    Using this from a month. This is a big relief for me while wearing mask for my field job.

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