8 HRS. Anti-fog Spray Glass Cleaner Travel Pack, 17ml X 2 packs

(5 customer reviews)

298.00 Inc. GST

Spectacle Antifog Spray Combo Pack Pocket Size

  • SAFE&SOUND Antifog Spray Glass Cleaner Spray is easy to use and effective for up to 8 hours.
  • Empowered with Silicone Sponges, Antifog glass cleaner is effective especially for spectacles, Faceshields, Car windshields, Bike helmets, etc.
  • Hydrophilic solution that helps prevent fogging and ensures clear vision at all times even when you are wearing the mask/Faceshield.
  • Also effective for Car windshield which fog during Winters.
  • The performance will vary depending on the type of coating on the glass. Not recommended for glasses with a hydrophobic coating.

5 reviews for 8 HRS. Anti-fog Spray Glass Cleaner Travel Pack, 17ml X 2 packs

  1. Shivhari Executive

    Nice and useful product while traveling now I can use my specs and mask at the same time.

  2. Gautam shukla

    Best innovative product of the decade. I like this product

  3. Sayed

    We are a clinic that continually is dealing with treating covid patients and swabbing them out in their cars. Myself and our doctor were both so impressed with this product immediately. I referred several other health care coworkers to also buy this product to eliminate fog from our glasses and goggles. They too were impressed by the prompt arrival of this item but what a dream it was to use. The glasses remain crystal clear, with no retouch during the day and no sensitivity to the product. Thank you so much!

  4. Sagar

    Performed better. Use with proper instruction. Great product.

  5. Jay bade

    While using mask this product will protect your glasses from fog and vapours.

    Must try !!

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